Speech/Language Assessment and Treatment

 Offering Speech-Language Evaluation and Intervention

Speech-language services offered by Swan Communication Therapies are provided by master-degreed speech-language pathologists, all of which are Massachusetts licensed and nationally certified by ASHA (American Speech & Hearing Association).

 Services provided range from the ages of 18 months to young adult.  These services include screening, evaluation/diagnosis and treatment of:

  • articulation disorders
  • language disorders
  • fluency
  • voice disorders
  • tongue thrust
  • autism
  • oral motor difficulties
  • feeding and swallowing disorders
  • augmentative communication devices

Swan Communication Therapies provides home-based therapy services as well as provides intervention in small group settings focusing on social language skills and sensory motor/language skills. 

Our home-based therapy provides an opportunity for family members to watch each session and practice/model strategies and techniques with our clients.  Throughout therapy, the client and the speech-language pathologist work as partners and we foster a nurturing, encouraging environment in which to practice newly acquired speech skills in home, school and/or community.

Swan Communication Therapies is owned and operated by Kristin (Loughlin) Swan, M.S., CCC-SLP.  Kristin is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist who has been in practice since 1999.  She received her bachelor of science degree, cum laude, from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and her masters degree from Purdue University, summa cum laude.

While attending Purdue, Kristin was acknowledged for her clinical work by the Indiana Speech-Language Hearing Association and won the Outstanding Student Clinician Award for 1999.  In addition, she funded her graduate studies through a grant which trained her to assess and treat individuals in need of augmentative and alternative communication.  During her graduate experience,  Kristin led a campaign for funding for one of her client's which resulted in the acquisition of a high-tech voice output communication aid. 

After becoming a certified speech-language pathologist, Kristin worked in various school systems in the capacity of speech-language pathologist and augmentative and alternative communication consultant.  She also worked in a multidisciplinary clinic which provided therapy in the areas of occupational, physical and speech.  She now owns her own practice, Swan Communication Therapies, and contracts her services to private pay clients, school systems and early intervention providers as well as provides community workshops to day-care providers, private preschools and other settings on speech/language development and other related topics.

Swan Communication Therapies also has additional certified speech-language pathologists on staff which provide speech/language services to our private pay clients in their natural environments.  In addition, occupational therapists and behaviorists are contracted as necessary

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