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In addition to individual therapy we are pleased to offer the following small group therapy sessions:


Talk and Play- Talk and Play is a social language group for preschool and kindergarten (children ages 3-6).  Children who experience pragmatic difficulties may have reduced inventory of communicative intentions, turn-taking difficulties in conversation, an inability to repair messages that are not understood by the listener, and a difficulty with narrative discourse such as story-telling.  This is a playgroup designed to foster social language skills for these children.  We provide strategies to the children while providing opportunities to engage in social interactions.   We target such areas of social language as:

  • social phrases/commenting
  • social cues (eye contact, body language)
  • turn-taking
  • recognizing and talking about feelings
  • maintaining and/or terminating conversations
  • listening skills

In addition, we also target any sensory or mild behavior issues that may impede a child's communicative interactions.  This group is run by a multidisciplinary team (SLP, OT and behavior specialist consultation).


-Socialize with Me- social language groups for children grades 1-2 and 3-5.  We will continue to target social language while also targeting higher level language functioning (problem solving, accepting consequences, completing assignments, idioms, etc.).


-Sensory-motor/language group for children ages 3-5 with language delay.  This group is a co-treatment by an occupational therapist and a speech-language pathologist.  This language group is designed to consider the neurological, sensory, motor environmental, and communicative needs of the child.  It is based on the premise that active participation or "learning through doing" has been found to facilitate language.  A weekly theme provides a motivating context for language modeling within a communicative exchange.  Through this theme we will target sensory and motor awareness and language development.  Each theme is based upon a concrete noun or an event which can be experienced through the senses and acted on motorically in a purposeful and relevent activity.   


Please contact Swan Communication Therapies (kristin@swanslp.com) to fill out a questionnaire in order for us to determine your child's eligibility.  

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